Can't post More than 2 Submissions a day?

2016-01-13 16:21:25 by MrPloxy

It would make sense, to prevent people from dumping all their stuff here. This is interesting cuz now there's actually a leveling system based on Account activity. DAYUM, that's nice.


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2016-01-13 19:32:34

You're acting as if account stats are a new thing when it has, in fact, been a staple of Newgrounds since the Flash portal.

(Updated ) MrPloxy responds:

Because IT IS a new thing for me, I'm only here in newgrounds to Browse Movie and Hentai here back then. I don't particularly registered to play a Game, lel.

** I just went through my message centre and i just saw the mess you made, Dude FCK OFF, Disrespectul much. Im gonna Ban you, you're one whiny little bitch. Go create some other accounts or something, im expecting your whiny ass back here**