Animations will get better.

2016-01-15 17:22:25 by MrPloxy

       As some of you may know, the current animations right now were made a year ago, back when i couldn't afford better editing tools like Adobe Audition, After effects, all that shit--Not to mention that my Erotic Art skills are still a bit underdeveloped--. I also had a dayjob, which is why I couldn't afford the time to make climax scenes. I currently have 13 animations. I can only give out the first 7 animations for now. Until I hit the 18th Animation, i will be giving out the 8th~13th animation--Then if i reach the 23rd ,i'll give out 14th~ 18th. It will go on and on like that. Basically, If i made the 5th of the new ones, i Release the 5 Previous old ones. It's a deal i've made with my Supporters at Patreon. Yea, as much as i don't like telling people that i have patreon, because it pisses them off for some reason, i just have to tell you since im staying here for the long run.

     I'd like to point out that the Current animations(particularly the latest) i made have 3 more scenes/poses, better sounds, and each one having a climax. Im basically just telling you that It's going to get better and better. 

     I make these animations in the name of Self-expression, As in, "I want to see this Cartoon Character Get fuuuuuucked". Well , atleast when i was still the one choosing who gets fcked. You see, for the current animations, the ones getting fucked will be chosen(voted) by supporters, so that technically means Self-expression applies to those people who wins the votes. So believe it or not, these animations are meant to be shared in Public. And Newgrounds has been Welcoming, Obviously Not Entirely, but still welcoming. 

   The least i can do with the uploads here in newgrounds is to make sounds nice. I really can't change the Vertical screens(Like the current ones i've uploaded here). Which is what i'll be doing with my Zone-tan Devotion.


TL;DR: My Animations just keeps getting better and better. You now know that i have more in store for you.


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