All In Favor in Displaying Animations with No Climax Say "aye"

2016-03-03 10:34:47 by MrPloxy

It's either that or you guys can wait for another Month Til' I release the ones with Climax. I'll wait for 5 responses. 


Also can I just say that I lost most of my Will to post stuff here in Newgrounds because of the Staggering amount of SmartAss Cunts reviewing my stuff? I can still feel the Dreadful feeling like it was yesterday. Like my only motivation to post here now is because Newgrounds can post Stuff with Huge Data. For Freeeeee. That's so viewers from my tumblr can go here and watch it. Other than that, i mostly go like '..oh fuck, Im here again..WHY? '.  It's only a matter of time Until i'll stop giving a fck about posting here. Yup.


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2016-03-03 15:13:48

I see that nobody has replied even though you have 300 followers & posted this five hours ago. When I see something like this, I have to wonder if it's because you're so toxic that nobody wants to deal with you or if it's because you think everyone else is toxic and blocked all the people willing to deal with you.

Yet in spite of the circumstances, none of that makes me agape so much as the fact that you have almost 300 fans, a thousand dollars on Patreon and you're bitching about reviews, as if that has any consequence to your business.

I actually went and counted how many negative reviews you have and there's at most thirteen of them spanning across seven submissions with a total of, what, a hundred reviews?

It's astonishing how damaged you are by the reviews you don't read on a website you regard as a redundancy for your Tumblr fans. If it's really that big a deal to you, which it shouldn't, you might as well leave anyway. None of the people who aren't replying to your blog will care that you're gone.

(Updated ) MrPloxy responds:

This is exactly why im so pissed off around here all the time. SmartAsses like Mister Thomas over here are so outspoken with their Shitty Opinions. Don't get me wrong, im completely aware of the fact that there are a lots of positive reviews, and i love that. But the fact that I know that Idiots like this guy is lurking around here, Proclaiming that everyone is like him is so goddamn Shitty that it really makes you think that Everyone in here is as Shitty as Him. It's Fckn Shitty.

Im going to assume for a second that There are Indeed genuine people who like what I do here. Im gonna wait for them Until Tomorrow. Else, that would mean that ya'll are letting this Fool say it like it's the Truth.--As in , everyone becomes as shitty as him-- And if that's the case. Im totally going to severe my connection here in Newgrounds for Good. Better to be in a place where you're appreciated rather being in a place where you're tolerated--And yes, that's one tumblr Quote right there, you can stop feeding your ego.--

Also haven't I mentioned this before? Unlike you, Bastard, Im not indifferent to how people are treating me. ~Astonishing my Arse.

And lastly, OF COURSE You're going to get a Ban.


2016-03-03 20:16:35

Cant say I've seen your stuff or know you at all, but

A: You seem mad. More angry than is rational given your situation which doesn't appear that bad.
B: I wont be sorry to see a pornographer go. There is far too many of you and few of you know what you are doing or offer anything new or refreshing to the scene.
C: You don't seem to take criticism well, which is essential for an artist to do to keep improving.

(Updated ) MrPloxy responds:

A: Duude, you don't say.

B: IKR. And people act As If Im the Goddamn Idiot.

C: Criticism here is Sad. They already tell you what you know. It's boring. And then they Go After You because you don't take them seriously. I Love the Wishful-thinking, but if they add some BS philosophy at the end of it, it Sucks.


2016-03-03 20:37:11

There is such a thing as bad criticism, and I cant say I have the time to go and find the 13 critical reviews so I'll believe you that they were worthless. I myself have never gotten valuable criticism here in a review and newgrounds comments in general are garbage, but that's true of almost any platform.
I'm not sure what it is exactly that you want though, ignore the shit comments unless is actual useful critique, leaving a platform because a couple of people said things you don't like is childish. People will always say things you don't like no matter where you go.


2016-03-03 22:36:28

I'd miss mrploxy very much if he ever left. I'm a huge fan.

I don't really understand why thomas is so set on sending whatever message he thinks he's sending. Just sounds like a big entitled baby trying to feel important. Never stop doing what you're doing ploxy, love you xoxoxo

MrPloxy responds:

Mmmhhhmm Dats right. <3


2016-03-04 02:56:37

I honestly think mrploxy should stay, i personally love his work. he is da


2016-03-04 03:52:53

Most reviewers are frustrated fappers, who think a single person can animate like Zone does, so yeah, you're gonna be more open to shitty reviews :\ At least your scores are admirable, considering their length! I guess viewers want more bells and whistles (spunk, plz), more than one chick to do, different poses, more time interested.


2016-03-09 16:19:18

I don't know how any of your other 'fans' feel, but I, personally, really like your work and appreciate you making the majority of it free to view on your tumblr, keep up the good work man!

MrPloxy responds:

Thanks man.


2016-03-27 09:06:43

"SmartAsses with their Shitty Opinions"

"Idiots like this guy"

"Better to be in a place where you're appreciated rather being in a place where you're tolerated"

"Unlike you, Bastard, Im not indifferent to how people are treating me. ~Astonishing my Arse. "

^ This guy managed to lure fat neckbearded pillowfuckers to give him $1000/Month on Patreon. That's quality responses right there.

And he's still wondering while people shit on his face

btw great decision to leave newgrounds. altho your content might be somewhat good (idle gif animations sped up but nvm ) your attitude is like that of a 5-year old

MrPloxy responds:

Maybe it's because I create quality content that you are not fully aware off--as well as 10% of the fools reviewing my stuff--, content that are worth people's support. Why mention my Patreon at all? What does my patreon have to do with the staggering amount of cunts grouped up together in Newgrounds against me? Stop saying "he", im right here, i can read your shit. This post was already resolved like 3 weeks ago. You wanna spew out shit, go find my latest status Post you pessimistic bastard picking out the Bad posts just so you can justify your Shit. Get outta here you Stinky Pickle.


2016-04-06 22:22:40

hey guys am I... late?
Your animations are alright

MrPloxy responds:

hey travis XD