2016-04-01 16:15:49 by MrPloxy

I have recently blocked a number of users who are in a relation to a group that i believe to be the source of The Shitty Reviews that i'm getting. If this is true, then that means that there are people who just wants me to Go Away. What that means for me is that because i know that it's a Group, I now know that they won't matter to what im doing here as a Content Creator.--Also blocking them eases my mind of worrying about getting more 1 star reviews.-- I won't mention the Group, they know who they are. I can totally mention their Oh So Superior Leader :PsychoASSpath(that Guy who reviewed the Lopunny , Mawile, and Renamon and gave it Shitty stars). He felt so Inferior from his 'Critique ' being rejected that he called up his troops so he can show his Dick, Which I just recently Cut-off. 


Now there won't be any more worries about Egotistical Bastards. Hopefully. All them guys who gave me 1 stars? they're all a part of that group.



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2016-04-02 07:32:46

Still on this crusade eh? I promise you there will always be people who wont like your work. Just like there will always be people who like your work. This obsession with bad reviews from people who dont matter makes you look a little silly man. Just focus on making good shit and listen to people who give GOOD critique instead of worrying about people who dont.

MrPloxy responds:

You're right.


2016-04-23 14:32:46

eh they are everywhere ,there has got to be those kind of ppl anywwhere even with the smallest of fandoms or famous ppl what can u say ,they have all the time of the world ,it happens to me in league when i play good and i mute ,u should do the same here ,ow my arm is paining i need a desk for this shiit XD

MrPloxy responds:

Ahh, glad to see some brotherly love around here mayn.